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Our chrome is a nickel cobalt alloy with a brightener. It is more enviromentaly friendly than chromium. Its not as hard so light scratches buff right out. We chrome small parts our tanks are 22"x22"x22". Sorry we do not chrome wheels or bumpers. Please check back we will be chrome plating bumpers in the near future.

We offer Cerakote ceramic coatings in many different colors for exhaust systems and other high temp applications.

We also offer cerakote generation II stealth infrared reflective firearms coatings. Single or multiple coats may be used to achieve unlimited finishes and designs. Check out the video. http://youtu.be/-NovNOF_Qns

We offer the best powders from the finest companies available with over 7,000 colors and effects to chose from. Oven is 7' tall 7' wide and 4' deep.

We offer polishing of : Aluminum, stainless, Brass, copper, pot metal, chrome, nickel and ordinary steels.

We offer small scale anodizing 26"L x 15" W x 15" D. our colors are : Black, Gold, Yellow, Red and Blue or polished aluminum can be anodized to create a protective coating from oxidation. Only aluminum can be anodized we offer a powder coat that looks like anodize for steel. Some aluminum alloys can not be anodized.

 Our new technique was developed by the commercial gun blue manufacturers as a more environmentally friendly system than the commonly used hot application. Blackens cast iron, forged steels, mild steels and hardened tool steels. A black corrosion-resistant finish on parts.

Our sandblasting cabinet is 8'L x 4'W x 4'H. We use Black Beauty blasting media {fine}.